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This is a filtered view based on The White House - Nominations & Appointments.

Row numberNameAgency WebsitePosition TitleNomination DateConfirmation VoteConfirmedHoldover
151Pascual, CarlosDOSAssistant Secretary for Energy Resources01/06/2014
152Moreno, LuisDOSAmbassador to Jamaica01/06/2014
153Mamet, Noah BrysonDOSAmbassador to the Argentine Republic01/06/2014
154Selfridge, PeterDOSChief of Protocol01/06/2014
155Childress, Mark BradleyDOSAmbassador to the United Republic of Tanzania01/06/2014
156Stanton, KarenDOSAmbassador to the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste01/06/2014
157Lu, DonaldDOSAmbassador to the Republic of Albania01/06/2014
158Wood, Robert AnthonyDOSRank of Ambassador during tenure of service as United States Representative to the Conference on Disarmament01/06/2014
159Lawson, Michael AndersonDOSRank of Ambassador during tenure of service as Representative of the United States on the Council of the International Civil Aviation Organization01/06/2014
160Daughton, ThomasDOSAmbassador to the Republic of Namibia01/06/2014
161Andre, LarryDOSAmbassador to the Islamic Republic of Mauritania01/06/2014
162Cormack, MaureenDOSAmbassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina01/06/2014
163Harper, Keith MichaelDOSRank of Ambassador during tenure of service as the United States Representative to the UN Human Rights Council01/06/2014
164Harrington, MatthewDOSAmbassador to the Kingdom of Lesotho01/06/2014
165Scheinman, Adam M.DOSSpecial Representative of the President for Nuclear Nonproliferation, with the rank of Ambassador01/06/2014
166Akuetteh, CynthiaDOSAmbassador to the Gabonese Republic01/06/2014
167Bell, Colleen BradleyDOSAmbassador to Hungary01/06/2014
168Rose, Frank AntoneDOSAssistant Secretary of State for Verification and Compliance01/06/2014
169Tsunis, George JDOSAmbassador to the Kingdom of Norway01/06/2014
170Gilbert, Mark DavidDOSAmbassador to New Zealand and the Independent State of Samoa01/06/2014
171Chacon, Arnold AnthonyDOSDirector General of the Foreign Service01/06/2014
172Silliman, Douglas AlanDOSAmbassador to the State of Kuwait01/06/2014
173Crocker, Bathsheba NellDOSAssistant Secretary for International Organization Affairs01/06/2014
174Hoza, MichaelDOSAmbassador to the Republic of Cameroon01/06/2014
175Reddick, EuniceDOSAmbassador to the Republic of Niger01/06/2014
176Estrada, John LearieDOSAmbassador to the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago01/06/2014
177Hamamoto, Pamela KiyomiDOSRepresentative of the United States to the Office of the United Nations and Other International Organizations in Geneva, with the rank of Ambassador01/06/2014
178Yohannes, Daniel WDOSRepresentative of the United States to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, with the rank of Ambassador01/06/2014
179Hachigian, Nina LucineDOSRepresentative of the United States to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, with the Rank of Ambassador01/16/2014
180LeVine, Suzan GailDOSAmbassador to the Swiss Confederation01/30/2014
181Butts, Cassandra QuinDOSAmbassador to the Commonwealth of the Bahamas02/10/2014
182Schapiro, Andrew HirschDOSAmbassador to the Czech Republic03/10/2014
183Kelly, Thomas P.DOSAmbassador to the Republic of Djibouti
184Kennedy, Patrick FrancisDOSUnder Secretary for ManagementYes
185Balsera, Alfredo JulioUACPDMember (Upon Appointment to be Designated Chairman)01/06/2014
186Miller, Debra LouSTBMember01/06/2014
187Millsaps, Linda StruykIRSOBMember03/31/2014
188Dynan, KarenTREASAssistant Secretary for Economic Policy01/06/2014
189Sheets, David NathanTREASUnder Secretary for International Affairs02/12/2014
190Miles-LaGrange, Vicki LynnHTSFMember, Board of Trustees01/06/2014
191Cohen, Steven HaroldHTSFMember, Board of Trustees
192Nethery, Mark ThomasUDALLMember, Board of Trustees01/06/2014
193Udall, Anne JeannetteUDALLMember, Board of Trustees01/06/2014
194Feibelman, Camilla CatherineUDALLMember, Board of Trustees01/06/2014
195Rose, Charles PatrickUDALLMember, Board of Trustees01/06/2014
196Carroll, Michael GeorgeUSAIDInspector General01/06/2014
197Alexander, Paige EveUSAIDAssistant Administrator, Bureau for Middle East01/07/2014
198Lenhardt, AlfonsoUSAIDDeputy Administrator03/31/2014
199White, Ronnie L.Federal JudgesUnited States District Judge for the Eastern District of Missouri01/06/2014
200Chutkan, Tanya S.Federal JudgesUnited States District Judge for the District of Columbia01/06/2014


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