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This is a calendar based on The White House - Nominations & Appointments.

Row numberNameAgency WebsitePosition TitleConfirmedHoldover
251Contreras-Sweet, MariaSBAAdministratorYes
252Cook, Donald LloydDOEnDeputy Administrator for Defense ProgramsYes
253Cook, Elisebeth CollinsPCLOBMemberYes
254Cook, Elisebeth CollinsPCLOBMember
255Cooper, Christopher ReidFederal JudgesUnited States District Judge for the District of ColumbiaYes
256Cooper, ChuckUSAIDAssistant Administrator, Bureau for Legislative and Public AffairsYes
257Coppola, John FrancesNMLSBMemberYes
258Corbin, MichaelDOSAmbassador to the United Arab EmiratesYes
259Cordero, Laura AliciaHTSFMember, Board of TrusteesYes
260Cordero, Mario DwightFMCCommissioner (Designated Chairman 4/1/13)Yes
261Cordova, France A.NSFDirectorYes
262Cordray, RichardFEDDirector, Bureau of Consumer Financial ProtectionYes
263Cormack, MaureenDOSAmbassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina
264Corr, William V.HHSDeputy Secretary of Health and Human ServicesYes
265Coscia, Anthony R.AMTRAKDirectorYes
266Costa, Gregg JeffreyFederal JudgesUnited States District Judge for the Southern District of TexasYes
267Costos, JamesDOSAmbassador to AndorraYes
268Costos, JamesDOSAmbassador to the Kingdom of SpainYes
269Cotter, MichaelDOJ-USAUnited States Attorney for the District of MontanaYes
270Countryman, ThomasDOSAssistant Secretary for International Security and Non-ProliferationYes
271Cousens, Elizabeth MUSUNRepresentative of the United States on the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations, with the rank of AmbassadorYes
272Cousens, Elizabeth MUNGAAlternate Representative of the United States to the Sessions of the General Assembly of the United Nations, during tenure of service as Representative of the United States on the Economic and Social Council of the United NationsYes
273Crabtree, Daniel D.Federal JudgesUnited States District Judge for the District of Kansas
274Craner, Lorne WhitneyMCCMember, Board of DirectorsYes
275Crawford, StephenPSBGGovernor, Board of Governors
276Creedon, Madelyn RaubDODAssistant Secretary of Defense for Global Strategic AffairsYes
277Creedon, Madelyn RaubDOEnPrincipal Deputy Administrator, National Nuclear Security Administration
278Cretz, GeneDOSAmbassador to the Republic of GhanaYes
279Crocker, Bathsheba NellDOSAssistant Secretary for International Organization Affairs
280Crocker, Ryan ClarkBBGMemberYes
281Crofts, Christopher A.DOJ-USAUnited States Attorney for the District of WyomingYes
282Croley, Steven P.DOEnGeneral Counsel
283Crowell, BradleyDOEnAssistant Secretary for Congressional and Intergovernmental AffairsYes
284Cruden, John CDOJAssistant Attorney General for the Environment and Natural Resources Division
285Culver, John ChesterFAMCMember, Board of DirectorsYes
286Cummisky, Margaret LouiseDOCAssistant Secretary for Legislative AffairsYes
287Cunningham, JamesDOSAmbassador to the Islamic Republic of AfghanistanYes
288Curiel, Gonzalo P.Federal JudgesUnited States District Judge for the Southern District of CaliforniaYes
289Curry, Thomas JamesTREASComptroller of the CurrencyYes
290D'Agostino, Anthony FrankSIPCMember, Board of DirectorsYes
291D'Agostino, Mae A.Federal JudgesUnited States District Judge for the Northern District of New YorkYes
292Dahl, Scott StewartDOLInspector GeneralYes
293Dalton, Jr., Roy BaleFederal JudgesUnited States District Judge for the Middle District of FloridaYes
294Daly, Deirdre M.DOJ-USAUnited States Attorney for the District of Connecticut
295Danielson, David ThomasDOEnAssistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable EnergyYes
296Dann-Messier, Brenda JoyceDOEdAssistant Secretary for Vocational and Adult EducationYes
297Darcy, Jo-EllenDOD-ARAssistant Secretary of the Army for Civil WorksYes
298Darrow, Sara LynnFederal JudgesUnited States District Judge for the Central District of IllinoisYes
299Dates, Jannette LakeCPBMember, Board of DirectorsYes
300Daughton, ThomasDOSAmbassador to the Republic of Namibia


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