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1109.0SURVIVALAnger your enemies, Calm yourself. Do not touch, Do not speak. Infuriate and Destroy.
2102.0SPIRITUALITYSeek forgiveness not justice or fairness.
3101.0FAMILY AND FRIENDSBe good to your family; even the monsters.
4102.0SURVIVALViolence is your enemy.
5101.0SURVIVALSurvival is the only birthright.
6105.0SURVIVALforgive, but do not forget their kids' names.
7102.0FAMILY AND FRIENDSMarriage is looking forward. Be married only to your wife, and your principles.
8104.0MONEY AND WEALTHPay your dues.
91020.0SELFFrom none but self, expect applause.
1092.0GENERALPlan to be on time only if want to be late. To be on time, plan to be early.
1199.0SELFMake yourself a Good day.
1291.0GENERALKeep your personal life separate from your professional life. And your Private life separate from both (personal and professional).
13914.0SELFevery time you become what you dislike in the other, you lose a part of your soul. Every time you lose sight of the reality behind the cosmetics, you lose a part of your soul. It dies.
1494.0SPIRITUALITYGive alms, even if as a prayer.
15811.0SURVIVALThere is no guarantee of life being easy or happy. However it is, vengeance will make it worth it.
1687.0SELFSleep at least 30 hours a week.
1783.0SURVIVALSurrender, not fight, for honour.
1883.0SPIRITUALITYPeace is Human. Not Divine.
1981.0SPIRITUALITYWhatever, with the exception of God, can be rationalized by common sense is religion.
20810.0SELFLive for the day, for yourself.
2187.0SURVIVALUse honesty, and generosity, to seduce, disarm, and destroy.
22712.0SURVIVALYou may have to putsch before you can pull.
23713.0SELFPromise only what you can afford to be tested on. Test no one on something you know they cannot promise you.
2475.0GENERALHappiness is just an island in the ocean of Joy. Swim.
25719.0SELFOnce inadequate, give someone younger what he, she, or even you, always wanted.
2673.0SELFAsk not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for yourself.
27621.0SELFI may disagree with what you have to say, but till death I shall defend your right to be wrong.
2863.0FAMILY AND FRIENDSYour family will teach you what you should do. However, you will learn from them what you should not do.
29615.0SELFTake as long as necessary & as short as possible.
3054.0FAMILY AND FRIENDSKnow that your real friends can be counted on; Often they can be counted on one hand.
31518.0SELFAs you find yourself able, unscrew that which you screw up and screw up that which you unscrew.
3254.0GENERALHave Goals and Expectations: Battle disappointments.
3354.0SURVIVALPeople deserve second chances, not third.
3446.0SURVIVALMake an example of of those responsible. Be responsible for the examples you set.
3548.0GENERALForm is Prime. Function is Secondary.
3646.0SELFchill if and when you can.
3745.0MONEY AND WEALTHspend time, not money.
3843.0MONEY AND WEALTHWhat has worth, is worth paying for.
3945.0FAMILY AND FRIENDSBusiness is business and a cup of tea is a cup of tea.
4037.0GENERALeverything ends in judgment.
4136.0GENERALWhatever cannot is not.
4233.0GENERALRead the news even if you do not care.
4329.0GENERALNorm follows fun.
4428.0SURVIVALDo not touch, Do not speak. Infuriate and Destroy.
45217.0SELF If you must trip, trip on your tongue.
46210.0SURVIVALIf you cannot win, make sure everyone loses.
4712.0MONEY AND WEALTHMoney can buy happiness and everything else; Some things just cost more than others.
4812.0SELFDo not ask a question to which the answer can be neither with agreement nor disagreement.
4911.0SELFDon't take it out on him/her.
505.0SELFDo it before the other does.


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