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This is a filtered view based on The White House - Nominations & Appointments.

Row numberNameAgency WebsitePosition TitleNomination DateConfirmation VoteConfirmedHoldover
1Abercrombie-Winstanley, GinaDOSAmbassador to the Republic of Malta10/18/201103/29/2012truefalse
2Akuetteh, CynthiaDOSAmbassador to the Gabonese Republic01/06/2014falsefalse
3Alford, EdwardDOSAmbassador to the Republic of The Gambia03/05/201206/29/2012truefalse
4Anania, JayDOSAmbassador to the Republic of Suriname04/16/201206/29/2012truefalse
5Andre, LarryDOSAmbassador to the Islamic Republic of Mauritania01/06/2014falsefalse
6Aponte, Mari CarmenDOSAmbassador to the Republic of El Salvador02/17/201106/14/2012truefalse
7Armbruster, ThomasDOSAmbassador to the Republic of the Marshall Islands05/15/201208/02/2012truefalse
8Arreaga, Luis E.DOSAmbassador to the Republic of Iceland04/22/201008/05/2010truefalse
9Arvizu, Alexander A.DOSAmbassador to the Republic of Albania07/12/201009/29/2010truefalse
10Asquino, MarkDOSAmbassador to the Republic of Equatorial Guinea 03/19/201206/29/2012truefalse
11Ayalde, LilianaDOSAmbassador to the Federative Republic of Brazil06/17/201308/01/2013truefalse
12Baer, DanielDOSUnited States Representative to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, with the rank of Ambassador06/11/201308/01/2013truefalse
13Barber, Robert CushmanDOSAmbassador to the Republic of Iceland01/06/2014falsefalse
14Barks Ruggles, Erica JeanDOSAmbassador to the Republic of Rwanda06/16/2014falsefalse
15Barr, Joyce A.DOSAssistant Secretary for Administration05/23/201112/17/2011truefalse
16Barton, Frederick D.DOSAssistant Secretary of State for Conflict and Stabilization Operations11/30/201103/29/2012truefalse
17Barton, Frederick D.DOSCoordinator for Reconstruction and Stabilization11/30/201103/29/2012truefalse
18Barzun, Matthew WinthropDOSAmbassador to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland07/10/201308/01/2013truefalse
19Bassett, Leslie AnnDOSAmbassador to the Republic of Paraguay06/04/2014falsefalse
20Bass, John R.DOSAmbassador to the Republic of Turkey06/04/2014falsefalse
21Baucus, MaxDOSAmbassador to the People's Republic of China01/07/201402/06/2014truefalse
22Bauer, Denise CampbellDOSAmbassador to the Kingdom of Belgium06/24/201308/01/2013truefalse
23Beecroft, Robert StephenDOSAmbassador to the Republic of Iraq09/11/201209/22/2012truefalse
24Beecroft, Robert StephenDOSAmbassador to the Arab Republic of Egypt05/12/201406/26/2014truefalse
25Bell, Colleen BradleyDOSAmbassador to Hungary01/06/2014falsefalse
26Bernicat, MarciaDOSAmbassador to the People's Republic of Bangladesh05/22/2014falsefalse
27Berry, Morrell JohnDOSAmbassador to the Commonwealth of Australia06/24/201308/01/2013truefalse
28Birx, Deborah LeahDOSAmbassador at Large and Coordinator of United States Government Activities to Combat HIV/AIDS Globally01/09/201404/02/2014truefalse
29Blake, RobertDOSAmbassador to the Republic of Indonesia07/31/201311/05/2013truefalse
30Bodde, PeterDOSAmbassador to the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal03/05/201206/29/2012truefalse
31Brewster, James WalterDOSAmbassador to the Dominican Republic06/24/201311/14/2013truefalse
32Bridgewater, Pamela E.DOSAmbassador to Jamaica07/12/201008/05/2010truefalse
33Brigety, II, Reuben EarlDOSRepresentative of the United States to the African Union, with rank of Ambassador06/24/201308/01/2013truefalse
34Broas, Timothy MichaelDOSAmbassador to the Kingdom of the Netherlands01/06/201403/13/2014truefalse
35Brownfield, William R.DOSAssistant Secretary for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs09/23/201012/22/2010truefalse
36Brown, Sue KathrineDOSAmbassador to the Republic of Montenegro01/05/201103/03/2011truefalse
37Brzezinski, Mark FrancisDOSAmbassador to the Kingdom of Sweden09/06/201110/18/2011truefalse
38Burns, William J.DOSDeputy Secretary of State05/11/201107/27/2011truefalse
39Bush, Dwight L.DOSAmbassador to the Kingdom of Morocco01/06/201403/13/2014truefalse
40Butts, Cassandra QuinDOSAmbassador to the Commonwealth of the Bahamas02/10/2014falsefalse
41Campbell, PiperDOSAmbassador to Mongolia03/05/201206/29/2012truefalse
42Chacon, Arnold AnthonyDOSDirector General of the Foreign Service01/06/2014falsefalse
43Childress, Mark BradleyDOSAmbassador to the United Republic of Tanzania01/06/201404/07/2014truefalse
44Clune, DanielDOSAmbassador to the Lao People's Democratic Republic06/24/201308/01/2013truefalse
45Corbin, MichaelDOSAmbassador to the United Arab Emirates05/09/201106/30/2011truefalse
46Cormack, MaureenDOSAmbassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina01/06/2014falsefalse
47Costos, JamesDOSAmbassador to Andorra06/27/201308/01/2013truefalse
48Costos, JamesDOSAmbassador to the Kingdom of Spain06/17/201308/01/2013truefalse
49Countryman, ThomasDOSAssistant Secretary for International Security and Non-Proliferation02/17/201109/26/2011truefalse
50Cretz, GeneDOSAmbassador to the Republic of Ghana04/16/201208/02/2012truefalse


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