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Inspectors General

This is a filtered view based on The White House - Nominations & Appointments.

Row numberNameAgency WebsitePosition TitleNomination DateConfirmation VoteConfirmedHoldover
501Green, Mark F.DOJ-USAUnited States Attorney for the Eastern District of Oklahoma07/14/201009/29/2010true
502Gregg, Ingrid A.HTSFMember, Board of Trustees04/16/201208/02/2012truefalse
503Gresham, Dana GrantDOTAssistant Secretary for Governmental Affairs03/10/200904/29/2009truefalse
504Grey, Robert JamesLSCMember, Board of Directors01/06/2014falsefalse
505Grey, Robert JamesLSCMember, Board of Directors08/06/200903/19/2010truefalse
506Griffin, Jr., Richard FrancisNLRBGeneral Counsel08/01/201310/29/2013truefalse
507Griffiths, DouglasDOSAmbassador to the Republic of Mozambique03/29/201206/29/2012truefalse
508Griffon, MarkCSHIBMember03/24/201006/23/2010truefalse
509Griggsby, Lydia KayFederal JudgesJudge of the United States Court of Federal Claims04/10/2014
510Grimm, Paul WilliamFederal JudgesUnited States District Judge for the District of Maryland02/16/201212/03/2012true
511Grissom, Barry R.DOJ-USAUnited States Attorney for the District of Kansas04/28/201008/05/2010true
512Groh, Gina MarieFederal JudgesUnited States District Judge for the Northern District of West Virginia05/19/201103/15/2012true
513Groshen, Erica LynnDOLCommissioner of Labor Statistics02/17/201201/02/2013truefalse
514Gruenberg, Martin JamesFDICMember, Board of Directors06/13/201103/29/2012truefalse
515Gruenberg, Martin JamesFDICChairperson, Board of Directors06/13/201111/15/2012truefalse
516Grundmann, Susan TsuiMSPBMember07/31/200911/05/2009truefalse
517Grundmann, Susan TsuiMSPBChair07/31/200911/05/2009truefalse
518Guaderrama, David CamposFederal JudgesUnited States District Judge for the Western District of Texas09/14/201104/26/2012true
519Guerin Zipps, JenniferFederal JudgesUnited States District Judge for the District of Arizona06/23/201110/03/2011true
520Guest, Michael EarlNSEBMember02/14/201105/26/2011truefalse
521Guilarte, MileydiIADBUnited States Alternate Executive Director01/30/2014falsefalse
522Gulland, Frances Mary DorotheaMMCMember01/05/201104/14/2011truefalse
523Gunn, Will ArthurVAGeneral Counsel04/20/200905/18/2009truefalse
524Gupta, DeepaNCAMember03/30/201103/29/2012truefalse
525Gustafson, Peggy ESBAInspector General07/06/200909/24/2009truefalse
526Guzman, Ana MargaritaNSEBMember02/14/201105/26/2011truefalse
527Haag, Melinda L.DOJ-USAUnited States Attorney for the Northern District of California03/25/201008/05/2010true
528Haahs, Timothy HyungrockNIBSMember, Board of Directors03/07/201308/01/2013truefalse
529Hachigian, Nina LucineDOSRepresentative of the United States to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, with the Rank of Ambassador01/16/2014falsefalse
530Hackett, Kenneth FrancisDOSAmbassador to Holy See06/17/201308/01/2013truefalse
531Hadley, Stephen JohnUSIPMember, Board of Directors02/27/201308/01/2013truefalse
532Hagel, Charles TimothyDODSecretary of Defense01/22/201302/26/2013truefalse
533Haikala, Madeline HughesFederal JudgesUnited States District Judge for the Northern District of Alabama05/09/201310/14/2013true
534Hail, Michael WayneHTSFMember, Board of Trustees02/04/201310/16/2013truefalse
535Hainsworth, Jamie A.DOJ-USMUnited States Marshal for the District of Rhode Island02/02/201206/29/2012true
536Hale, DavidDOSAmbassador to the Republic of Lebanon06/24/201308/01/2013truefalse
537Hale, David J.Federal JudgesUnited States District Judge for the Western District of Kentucky06/19/2014
538Hale, David J.DOJ-USAUnited States Attorney for the Western District of Kentucky01/20/201004/29/2010true
539Halkowski, Thomas L.Federal JudgesJudge of the United States Court of Federal Claims04/10/2014
540Halperin, Morton HMCCMember, Board of Directors12/10/201201/01/2013truefalse
541Hamamoto, Pamela KiyomiDOSRepresentative of the United States to the Office of the United Nations and Other International Organizations in Geneva, with the rank of Ambassador01/06/201405/08/2014truefalse
542Hamburg, Margaret AnnHHSDirector of the Food and Drug Administration03/25/200905/18/2009truefalse
543Hamilton, DavidFederal JudgesUnited States Circuit Judge for the Seventh Circuit03/17/200911/19/2009true
544Hammack, Katherine Grace DellettDOD-ARAssistant Secretary of the Army for Installations and Environment01/20/201006/22/2010truefalse
545Hammer, Michael A.DOSAmbassador to the Republic of Chile01/06/201403/06/2014truefalse
546Hammond, Tony LeePRCCommissioner01/06/2014falsefalse
547Hammond, Tony LeePRCCommissioner12/05/201104/26/2012truefalse
548Handelsman, Jo EmilyEOP-OSTPAssociate Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy01/06/201406/26/2014truefalse
549Hannah, James RobertSJIMember, Board of Directors09/06/201103/29/2012truefalse
550Harden, Krysta L.USDADeputy Secretary of Agriculture06/27/201308/01/2013truefalse


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