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Inspectors General

This is a filtered view based on The White House - Nominations & Appointments.

Row numberNameAgency WebsitePosition TitleNomination DateConfirmation VoteConfirmedHoldover
351Donovan, ShaunEOP-OMBDirector06/02/2014falsefalse
352Donovan, ShaunHUDSecretary of Housing and Urban Development01/20/200901/22/2009truefalse
353Dorsey, Jennifer A.Federal JudgesUnited States District Judge for the District of Nevada01/04/201307/09/2013true
354Dowdell, John E.Federal JudgesUnited States District Judge for the Northern District of Oklahoma02/29/201212/11/2012true
355Doyle, William PaulFMCCommissioner02/13/201201/01/2013truefalse
356Doyle, William PaulFMCCommissioner, Federal Maritime Commission01/30/2014falsefalse
357Drain, Gershwin A.Federal JudgesUnited States District Judge for the Eastern District of Michigan11/17/201108/02/2012true
358Droegemeier, Kelvin K.NSF-NSBMember01/05/201104/14/2011truefalse
359Droney, ChristopherFederal JudgesUnited States Circuit Judge for the Second Circuit05/04/201111/28/2011true
360DuBester, Ernest WilliamFLRAMember03/07/201310/16/2013truefalse
361Duffy, Laura E.DOJ-USAUnited States Attorney for the Southern District of California02/24/201005/28/2010true
362Duffy, Paula BarkerNCHMember01/05/201105/26/2011truefalse
363Du, MirandaFederal JudgesUnited States District Judge for the District of Nevada08/02/201103/28/2012true
364Duncan, ArneDOEdSecretary of Education01/20/200901/20/2009truefalse
365Dunkin, Ann ElizabethEPAAssistant Administrator for Environmental Information01/30/2014falsefalse
366Dunne, Charles GillenDOJ-USMUnited States Marshal for the Eastern District of New York04/29/201006/22/2010true
367Durkan, JennyDOJ-USAUnited States Attorney for the Western District of Washington06/04/200909/29/2009true
368Durkin, Thomas M.Federal JudgesUnited States District Judge for the Northern District of Illinois05/21/201212/17/2012true
369Dworkin, Aaron PaulNCAMember01/05/201108/02/2011truefalse
370Dye, Rebecca FeemsterFMCCommissioner01/26/201104/14/2011truefalse
371Dynan, KarenTREASAssistant Secretary for Economic Policy01/06/201406/26/2014truefalse
372Eagles, Catherine C.Federal JudgesUnited States District Judge for the Middle District of North Carolina03/10/201012/16/2010true
373Early, Gerald LynNCHMember01/28/201308/01/2013truefalse
374Easterly, Catharine FriendD.C. JudgesAssociate Judge of the District of Columbia Court of Appeals08/02/201111/18/2011true
375Easton, John QuimbyDOEdDirector04/20/200905/21/2009truefalse
376Edelman, Eric StevenUSIPMember, Board of Directors03/04/201108/02/2011truefalse
377Edelman, Todd E.D.C. JudgesAssociate Judge of the Superior Court of the District of Columbia03/25/201006/22/2010true
378Ehrlich, Jr., Manuel HermanCSHIBMember01/30/2014falsefalse
379Eisen, Norman LarryDOSAmbassador to the Czech Republic01/26/201112/12/2011truefalse
380Eldridge, Joseph ThomasUSIPMember, Board of Directors09/19/201201/01/2013truefalse
381Eldridge, William ConnerDOJ-USAUnited States Attorney for the Western District of Arkansas09/29/201012/10/2010true
382Elkind, Jonathan HaraldDOEnAssistant Secretary for International Affairs01/06/2014falsefalse
383Elkins, Jr., Arthur AllenEPAInspector General11/18/200906/22/2010truefalse
384Elliott, III, Daniel R.STBMember (Designated Chair)07/20/200908/07/2009truefalse
385Elliott, SusanDOSAmbassador to the Republic of Tajikistan04/16/201206/29/2012truefalse
386Ellis, Sara LeeFederal JudgesUnited States District Judge for the Northern District of Illinois05/06/201310/07/2013true
387Ells, Barbara J.IAIAMember, Board of Trustees04/08/201108/02/2011truefalse
388Emerson, John BonnellDOSAmbassador to the Federal Republic of Germany06/17/201308/01/2013truefalse
389Engelmayer, PaulFederal JudgesUnited States District Judge for the Southern District of New York02/02/201107/26/2011true
390Engler, Richard JoelCSHIBMember01/06/2014falsefalse
391Ensher, Henry S.DOSAmbassador to the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria03/30/201105/26/2011truefalse
392Entwistle, JamesDOSAmbassador to the Federal Republic of Nigeria05/23/201308/01/2013truefalse
393Erby, Dennis J.DOJ-USMUnited States Marshal for the Northern District of Mississippi05/04/201103/29/2012true
394Ericks, Mark LloydDOJ-USMUnited States Marshal for the Western District of Washington06/09/201008/05/2010true
395Esquea, Jim R.HHSAssistant Secretary for Legislation08/06/200906/22/2010truefalse
396Estevez, Alan FredricDODPrincipal Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics)01/22/201310/30/2013truefalse
397Estrada, John LearieDOSAmbassador to the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago01/06/2014falsefalse
398Evans, Vera LynnTVAMember, Board of Directors09/21/201201/01/2013truefalse
399Failla, Katherine PolkFederal JudgesUnited States District Judge for the Southern District of New York01/04/201303/04/2013true
400Faivre-Davis, Sara LouiseFAMCMember, Board of Directors02/11/201009/16/2010truefalse


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