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International Water Conference® Technical Papers

Row numberPaperBuy NowPresentation TypePublished?TitleAuthor & Affiliation Discusser & Affiliation
1IWC 13-76Buy Now and DownloadPaperYes Outsourced Water Treatment Provides Higher Purity and Low TOC for Nuclear Power PlantMichael  Reyes,  Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies, Vandalia, OH  USA
2IWC 13-75 & DBuy Now and DownloadPaper & DiscussionYesThe Influence of System Parameters on TOC DegradationDavid Moed, Delft University of Technology,  Delft,  NetherlandsDebbie Bloom, Nalco Company, Naperville, IL
3IWC 13-74 & DBuy Now and DownloadPaper & DiscussionYes Monitoring Flow Accelerated Corrosion in the Steam Cycle Using Alternative MethodsKenneth Kuruc,  Hach Company, Loveland, CO Daniel Sampson, Worley Parsons,  Vallejo, CA
4IWC 13-73 & DBuy Now and DownloadPaper & DiscussionYes The Impact of Steam Cycle Chemistry on Power Plant Performance and Operational CostsKenneth  Chen,  Fluor Enterprises, Inc.,  Aliso Viejo,  CA Josh Prusakiewicz, HDR Inc., Pittsburgh, PA
5IWC 13-72 & DBuy Now and DownloadPaper & DiscussionYesFactors to Consider when Evaluating Conventional Treatment (HLS or WLS/LSF/Ix) vs. Evaporators for Produced Water Treatment (PWT)John Fair,  Fair Canada Engineering Ltd.,  Calgary, AB  CanadaMike D’Ippolito, Devon Canada, Calgary, AB, Canada
6IWC 13-71 & DBuy Now and DownloadPaper & DiscussionYes Enhancements in Evaporative Efficiency for Oil Sands Water TreatmentGreg Mandigo, AquaChem ICD Aquatech International Corporation,  Hartland,  WI Kevin Drake, P. Eng., Drake Consulting, Calgary, AB Canada
7IWC 13-70 & DBuy Now and DownloadPaper & DiscussionYes Bench-Scale Evaluation of Solidification Technology for SAGD Waste BrinesDavid Pernitsky,  Suncor,  Calgary, AB  CanadaMartin R. Godfrey Ph.D., Nalco, Calagary, AB Canada
8IWC 13-69 & DBuy Now and DownloadPaper & DiscussionYes Key Parameters, Design Criteria and Tips for Selection of Produced Water Evaporators - A Different ApproachAndreas Ronnfors, M.Sc. M.E. Energy Sciences, Alfa Laval Corporate AB, Lund, Sweden Ramesh Sharma, ConocoPhillips, Houston, TX
9IWC 13-68 & DBuy Now and DownloadPaper & DiscussionYes Case Study of a Filtration System that Virtually Eliminated Biofouling of the RO systemReinhold Brenner, Von Roll BHU Environmental Technologies,  Stuttgart,  GermanyKatariina Majamaa, Dow Chemical China, Shanghai, China
10IWC 13-67 & DBuy Now and DownloadPaper & DiscussionYesPretreatment System Selections & Typical Design ParametersGregory  Osen,  AVANTech, Inc.,  Columbia,  SC Brian Powers, HDR Engineering, Inc., Charlotte, NC
11IWC 13-66 & DBuy Now and DownloadPaper & DiscussionYes Advanced Oxidation Process Technology for Ultrapure Water in the Semiconductor IndustryGlen Sundstrom,  Siemens Industry Inc. Water Technologies, Rockford, IL Randy Cooper, Ph.D., Neotech Aqua Solutions, San Diego, CA
12IWC 13-65 & DBuy Now and DownloadPaper & DiscussionYes Ultrapure Water (UPW) – Quality and Technology to Support Advanced Industries’ NeedsVyacheslav Libman, Ph.D.,  Air Liquide - Balazs NanoAnalysis,  Fremont,  CA John Brittan, Siemens Water Technologies, LLC, Colorado Springs, CO
13IWC 13-64 & DBuy Now and DownloadPaper & DiscussionYes Real-time Performance Diagnostics Identifies Fouling Root Cause-Increasing Plant Efficiecy by 5%Darcy Dauterive,  Ashland Water Technologies, Wilmington, DE Craig Myers, Nalco, An Ecolab Co., Naperville, IL
14IWC 13-63 & DBuy Now and DownloadPaper & DiscussionYesA Monitor for Measuring Scale Deposition in Cooling TowersCharles J. Reedy, Ph.D.,  Nalco, An Ecolab Company,  Naperville,  IL Lee Hollimon, Ashland Water Technologies, Springville, NY
15IWC 13-62 & DBuy Now and DownloadPaper & DiscussionYes The Impact of pH and Protonation State on Scale Inhibitor ActivityRobert J.  Ferguson,  French Creek Software, Inc., Valley Forge,  PA  USAPrasad Kalakodimi, Chemtreat, Glen Allen, VA
16IWC 13-61 & DBuy Now and DownloadPaper & DiscussionYesNovel Dual Active Targeted Delivery Technology for Improved Biofilm Control in Industrial Cooling SystemsLinna Wang,  GE Water and Process Technologies, Shanghai, ChinaSam Renfrow, Chemtreat, Columbus, MI
17IWC 13-60 & DBuy Now and DownloadPaper & DiscussionYes Helping Industries Meet Stringent Mercury and Heavy Metal Discharge Limits through Cost-Effective TechnologyE. H. Kelle  Zeiher,  AkzoNobel,  Chattanooga, TN James Beninati, HDR Engineering,
18IWC 13-59 & DBuy Now and DownloadPaper & DiscussionYes Meeting the Newest FGD Wastewater Trace Contaminant Guidelines with Functionalized Activated AluminaNancy  Sherwood,  MAR Systems Inc,  Solon,  Ohio Rudy Labban, PE, Inflico Degremont, Ashland, VA
19IWC 13-58 & DBuy Now and DownloadPaper & DiscussionYesUpcoming Effluent Guidelines Challenges: Using Constructed Wetland Treatment Systems to your AdvantageKatie A.  Bland,  Burns & McDonnell,  Kansas City,  MO  United StatesDiane Martini, Sargent & Lundy, LLC, Chicago, IL
20IWC 13-57Buy Now and DownloadPaperYes New Heavy Metals Removal Technology Offers an Innovative and Sustainable SolutionMelanie  Solmos,  Nalco, an Ecolab Company,  Naperville,  IL Michael Pudvay, GEA Process Engineering,
21IWC 13-56Buy Now and DownloadPaperYesForensic Analysis and Interpretation of Once Through Steam Generator (OTSG) Deposits can Assist in System Operational Improvements.Glenn Weagle, Ph.D., Nalco Champion,  Sherwood Park, AB  Canada
22IWC 13-55Buy Now and DownloadPaperYes Electrochemical Corrosion Studies of EDTA and Polymers in simulated Once-Through Steam Generator (OTSG) Water for Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) ProcessTzu-Yu (Liberty)  Chen,  Nalco Company,  Naperville,  IL
23IWC 13-54Buy Now and DownloadPaperYesOn-line Silica Analyzer in SAGD Produced WaterRamesh  Sharma,  ConocoPhillips,  Houston,  TX
24IWC 13-53Buy Now and DownloadPaperYes Increasing OTSG steam quality to 90% while operating on WLS treated BFWAnnie (Qian)  Sun,  Suncor Energy Inc.,  Calgary,  Alberta  Canada
25IWC 13-52Buy Now and DownloadPaperYes Treatment and Recycling of Brine from Ion Exchange Process for Nitrate Removal in Drinking WaterBrian Altland, P.E.,  Calgon Carbon Corporation,  Pittsburgh,  PA William Carlin, Dow, Spring House, PA
26IWC 13-51 & DBuy Now and DownloadPaper & DiscussionYes Drinking Water Nitrate Removal via Ion Exchange and Electrochemical Nitrate Destruction for Brine ReuseRich  Dennis,  Severn Trent Services, Inc.,  Tampa,  FL H.G. Sanjay, Ph.D, IONZ BlueWater Solutions, Inc., Royal Palm Beach, FL
27IWC 13-50 & DBuy Now and DownloadPaper & DiscussionYes Operation of the Chino Desalters IIFrancis  DeSilva,  ResinTech Inc,  Berlin,  NJ Donald Thompson, CDM Smith, Jacksonville, FL
28IWC 13-49 & DPaper & DiscussionYesTechnical Evaluation of Ion Exchange and Biological Treatment of Oxyanions for Potable Water Production: System Selection ConsiderationsWilliam  Schwartz,  Envirogen Technologies,  Rancho Cucamonga,  CA Ajit Dighe, Thermax Inc,
29IWC 13-48 & DPaper & DiscussionYes Troubleshooting and Antifoam Application Minimizes ZLDS Plant Operating Costs and DowntimeKevin  Boudreaux,  Nalco Comapany, Grapevine, TS Daniel Sampson, Worley Parsons, Sacramento, CA
30IWC 13-47 & DPaper & DiscussionYes The Thermal ZLD Experience for FGD Wastewater at PSNH's Merrimack StationPatricia  Scroggin, P.E.,  Burns & McDonnell,  Kansas City,  MO James Beninati, HDR Inc., Pittsburgh, PA
31IWC 13-46 & DPaper & DiscussionYes Operating a ZLD, What Does it Take?Vincent  Como,  Black & Veatch,  Overland Park,  KS Christian Haussmann, Water Systems Specialists, Inc., Seattle, WA
32IWC 13-45 & DPaper & DiscussionYesZLD Systems: Variations in Design Due to Raw Water Chemistries, Space, and Cost Considerations for Recent Combined Cycle Power PlantsSara  Titus, P.E.,  Bechtel Power Corporation,  Frederick,  MD Craig Van Dyke, GE Water and Process Technologies, Brookfield, IL
33IWC 13-44 & DPaper & DiscussionYes FGD Scrubber Wastewater ZLD Solid Waste Characterization and Disposal OptionsKirk  Ellison,  Southern Company Services, Inc.,  Birmingham, AL Katie Bland, P.E., Burns & McDonnell, Kansas City, MO
34IWC 13-43Paper & DiscussionYes Meeting Part-per-Trillion Mercury Limits for Power Plant WastewaterThomas  Higgins, Ph.D., P.E., CH2M HILL,  Chantilly,  VA  United StatesPaul Chu, Electric Power Research Institue, Palo Alto, CA
35IWC 13-42Paper & DiscussionYesPurification of Flue Gas Desulfurization Wastewater with Super Capacitor Radial DeionizationBehrang Pakzadeh, Ph.D.,  Southern Research Institute, Cartersville, GA William Kennedy, P.E., Duke Energy, Belmont, NC
36IWC 13-41 & DPaper & DiscussionYesHow Operation of a Wet Flue Gas Desulfurization System Can Impact the Wastewater Quality GeneratedBryan Hansen, P.E.,  Burns & McDonnell, Denver,  CO Joseph Potts, Duke Energy, Belmont, NC
37IWC 13-40 & DPaper & DiscussionYesFrac Water Treatment and DisinfectionJohn  Williams, Xchem-Terra Services,  Irving, TX Doug McIlwaine, ChemTreat,
38IWC 13-39 & DPaper & DiscussionYesPlasma Treatment of Produced Water from Hydraulic Fracturing for Shale GasY.I.  Cho, Ph.D.,  Drexel University,  Philadelphia,  PA Josh Prusakiewicz, HDR Inc., Pittsburgh, PA
39IWC 13-38 & DPaper & DiscussionYes Pretreatment Targets for Salt Recovery from Marcellus Shale Gas Produced WaterJames  Silva, Ph.D.,  GE Global Research Center,  Niskayuna,  NY Jerry Penland, Chester Engineers, Moon Twp., PA
40IWC 13-37 & DPaper & DiscussionYesRecovering Valuable Byproducts from Oil and Gas WastesRussell Huffmyer, Nuverra Environmental Solutions,  Coraopolis,  PA John Schubert, HDR, Inc.,
41IWC 13-36 & DPaper & DiscussionYes Removal of Selenium in Refinery Effluent with Adsorption MediaMissy Hayes,  MAR Systems,  Solon, OH Ivan Cooper, Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc., Charolette, NC
42IWC 13-35 & DPaper & DiscussionYesBallasted Clarification with Inert Material Surpasses 1,000 Units in Multiple Industries and ApplicationsWilliam Willersdorf,  Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies,  Moon Township,  PA Hollie Scott, Degremont, Salt Lake, UT
43IWC 13-34 & DPaper & DiscussionYesNovel Process for the Treatment of Wastewaters from the Microelectronics IndustryAntonio Lau,  Infilco Degremont, Inc.,  Richmond,  VA Frank Reightler, 4G Environmental Corp., Jim Thorpe, PA
44IWC 13-33 & DPaper & DiscussionYes Removal of Hardness and Sulfate from FGD Effluent using Ion ExchangeDavid Kratochvil, Ph.D.,  BioteQ Environmental Technologies,  Vancouver,  BC  CanadaGreg Behrens, P.E., URS Corp., Austin, TX
45IWC 13-32 & DPaper & DiscussionYesDesigning RO Systems for Maximum Water RecoveryRobert  Kimball, P.E., CDM Smith, Helena, MT  Brad Biagini, Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies, Moon Township, PA
46IWC 13-31 & DPaper & DiscussionYes Performance data & Operational Experience of FEDI system at Brazos ElectricVenkat  Jagannathan,  Qua Group LLC,  Canonsburg,  PA Steven R. Gagnon, AVANTech Inc., Columbia, SC
47IWC 13-30 & DPaper & DiscussionYesNovel PTFE Membranes for Hydrocarbon De-oiling from Produced Water in Cyclic Steam Stimulation and Refinery ApplicationsVita  Martez,  Southern Alberta Institute of Technology,  Calgary,  Alberta  CanadaMichael Snodgrass, SpiraSep, Goleta, CA
48IWC 13-29 & DPaper & DiscussionYesOptimization of an All Membrane Zero Liquid Discharge System at Los Alamos National LaboratoriesStanley  Karrs,  Siemens Industry Inc. Water Technologies,  Warrendale,  PA H.G. Sanjay, Ph.D., IONZ BlueWater Solutions, Inc., Royal Palm Beach, FL
49IWC 13-28 & DPaper & DiscussionYesThe Importance of Preventing Condenser Tube Leaks and Other Impurity Ingress into Steam GeneratorsBrad Buecker, Kiewit Power Engineers, Lenexa, KS Ted Beardwood, Ashland Chemical Company, Ajax, ON Canada
50IWC 13-27 & DPaper & DiscussionYes Distinguishing Between Underdeposit Corrosion Mechanisms in BoilersKevin Shields,  Structural Integrity Associates, Inc., Austin, TX Mel J. Esmacher, P.E., GE Power & Water Process Technologies, The Woodlands, TX


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