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The White House - Nominations & Appointments

Row numberNamePosition TitleAgency NameAgency WebsiteNomination DateRenominationConfirmation VoteConfirmedHoldover
251Coloretti, Nani AnnDeputy Secretary of Housing and Urban DevelopmentDepartment of Housing and Urban DevelopmentHUD03/10/2014falsefalse
252Colvin, Carolyn WattsDeputy CommissionerSocial Security AdministrationSSA10/01/200912/22/2010truefalse
253Colvin, Carolyn WattsCommissionerSocial Security AdministrationSSA06/23/2014falsefalse
254Comey, JamesDirector of the Federal Bureau of InvestigationDepartment of JusticeDOJ06/21/201307/29/2013truefalse
255Concannon, Kevin WilliamMember, Board of DirectorsCommodity Credit CorporationCCC07/31/200909/29/2010truefalse
256Concannon, Kevin WilliamUnder Secretary for Food, Nutrition and Consumer ServicesDepartment of AgricultureUSDA04/29/200907/31/2009truefalse
257Conley, William M.United States District Judge for the Western District of WisconsinFederal JudiciaryFederal Judges10/29/200903/04/2010true
258Connor, Michael LDeputy Secretary of the InteriorDepartment of the InteriorDOI01/06/2014true02/27/2014truefalse
259Contreras, RudolphUnited States District Judge for the District of ColumbiaFederal JudiciaryFederal Judges07/28/201103/22/2012true
260Contreras-Sweet, MariaAdministratorSmall Business AdministrationSBA01/16/201403/27/2014truefalse
261Cook, Donald LloydDeputy Administrator for Defense ProgramsDepartment of EnergyDOEn12/03/200906/22/2010truefalse
262Cook, Elisebeth CollinsMemberPrivacy and Civil Liberties Oversight BoardPCLOB01/06/2014true05/21/2014truefalse
263Cooper, Christopher ReidUnited States District Judge for the District of ColumbiaFederal JudiciaryFederal Judges01/06/2014true03/26/2014true
264Cooper, ChuckAssistant Administrator, Bureau for Legislative and Public AffairsUnited States Agency for International DevelopmentUSAID09/11/201201/01/2013truefalse
265Coppola, John FrancesMemberNational Museum and Library Services BoardNMLSB01/20/201006/22/2010truefalse
266Corbin, MichaelAmbassador to the United Arab EmiratesDepartment of StateDOS05/09/201106/30/2011truefalse
267Cordero, Laura AliciaMember, Board of TrusteesHarry S Truman Scholarship FoundationHTSF05/09/201108/02/2012truefalse
268Cordero, Mario DwightCommissioner (Designated Chairman 4/1/13)Federal Maritime CommissionFMC01/26/201104/14/2011truefalse
269Cordova, France A.DirectorNational Science FoundationNSF01/06/2014true03/12/2014truefalse
270Cordray, RichardDirector, Bureau of Consumer Financial ProtectionFederal Reserve SystemFED02/13/201307/16/2013truefalse
271Cormack, MaureenAmbassador to Bosnia and HerzegovinaDepartment of StateDOS01/06/2014truefalsefalse
272Corr, William V.Deputy Secretary of Health and Human ServicesDepartment of Health and Human ServicesHHS03/17/200905/06/2009truefalse
273Coscia, Anthony R.DirectorAMTRAK Board of DirectorsAMTRAK11/10/200906/22/2010truefalse
274Costa, Gregg JeffreyUnited States Circuit Judge for the Fifth CircuitFederal JudiciaryFederal Judges01/06/201405/20/2014true
275Costa, Gregg JeffreyUnited States District Judge for the Southern District of TexasFederal JudiciaryFederal Judges09/08/201104/26/2012true
276Costos, JamesAmbassador to the Kingdom of SpainDepartment of StateDOS06/17/201308/01/2013truefalse
277Costos, JamesAmbassador to AndorraDepartment of StateDOS06/27/201308/01/2013truefalse
278Cotter, MichaelUnited States Attorney for the District of MontanaOffice of the U.S. Attorneys, Department of JusticeDOJ-USA09/25/200912/24/2009true
279Countryman, ThomasAssistant Secretary for International Security and Non-ProliferationDepartment of StateDOS02/17/201109/26/2011truefalse
280Cousens, Elizabeth MAlternate Representative of the United States to the Sessions of the General Assembly of the United Nations, during tenure of service as Representative of the United States on the Economic and Social Council of the United NationsUnited Nations General AssemblyUNGA10/12/201103/29/2012truefalse
281Cousens, Elizabeth MRepresentative of the United States on the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations, with the rank of AmbassadorUnited States Mission to the United NationsUSUN10/12/201103/29/2012truefalse
282Crabtree, Daniel D.United States District Judge for the District of KansasFederal JudiciaryFederal Judges01/06/2014true04/30/2014true
283Craner, Lorne WhitneyMember, Board of DirectorsMillennium Challenge CorporationMCC09/13/201201/01/2013truefalse
284Crawford, Geoffrey W.United States District Judge for the District of VermontFederal JudiciaryFederal Judges05/20/201406/24/2014true
285Crawford, StephenGovernor, Board of GovernorsUnited States Postal ServicePSBG01/06/2014truefalsefalse
286Creedon, Madelyn RaubAssistant Secretary of Defense for Global Strategic AffairsDepartment of DefenseDOD03/14/201108/02/2011truefalse
287Creedon, Madelyn RaubPrincipal Deputy Administrator, National Nuclear Security AdministrationDepartment of EnergyDOEn01/06/2014truefalsefalse
288Cretz, GeneAmbassador to the Republic of GhanaDepartment of StateDOS04/16/201208/02/2012truefalse
289Crocker, Bathsheba NellAssistant Secretary for International Organization AffairsDepartment of StateDOS01/06/2014truefalsefalse
290Crocker, Ryan ClarkMemberBroadcasting Board of GovernorsBBG05/13/201308/01/2013truefalse
291Crofts, Christopher A.United States Attorney for the District of WyomingOffice of the U.S. Attorneys, Department of JusticeDOJ-USA11/30/200912/24/2009true
292Croley, Steven P.General CounselDepartment of EnergyDOEn01/06/2014true05/12/2014truefalse
293Crowell, BradleyAssistant Secretary for Congressional and Intergovernmental AffairsDepartment of EnergyDOEn09/11/201310/16/2013truefalse
294Cruden, John CAssistant Attorney General for the Environment and Natural Resources DivisionDepartment of JusticeDOJ01/07/2014falsefalse
295Culver, John ChesterMember, Board of DirectorsFederal Agricultural Mortgage CorporationFAMC07/18/201103/29/2012truefalse
296Cummisky, Margaret LouiseAssistant Secretary for Legislative AffairsDepartment of CommerceDOC07/10/201308/01/2013truefalse
297Cunningham, JamesAmbassador to the Islamic Republic of AfghanistanDepartment of StateDOS07/18/201208/02/2012truefalse
298Curiel, Gonzalo P.United States District Judge for the Southern District of CaliforniaFederal JudiciaryFederal Judges11/10/201109/22/2012true
299Curry, Thomas JamesComptroller of the CurrencyDepartment of the TreasuryTREAS07/05/201103/29/2012truefalse
300D'Agostino, Anthony FrankMember, Board of DirectorsSecurities Investor Protection CorporationSIPC05/04/201105/24/2012truefalse


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updated Jul 07, 2014

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  • Author: Kingkamehameha8
  • Posted: about 2 years ago

love the nominations and authorize seems like all systems go to the new network i approve all relections this is king of hawaii reporting signing off.

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  • Author: rogelio gloria
  • Posted: over 2 years ago

How do you apply for a nomination? Any system has to be a process to track nomination application? As we can see in the budget and from my experience working in DC as a Republican, the application process still follow federal law because government is "by example."

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  • Author: pslamont
  • Posted: about 4 years ago

When will this list be updated? I was originally informed it is updated daily. What happened?

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  • Author: avinash udasi
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  • Author: Tara Anderson
  • Posted: almost 6 years ago

Hi, I think its better if there is a work phone number for every Point of contacts.

Whitehouse - Nominations and Appointments

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  • Author: Brian Ahier
  • Posted: about 6 years ago

This information is useful. Will it be updated continuously? Is this a live data feed?


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