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1defrag: in 2009 I will: start new conf, work w/ at least 1 awesome startup, and talk to smart people about starting a hedge fund (a dream).10/31/2008 06:18:56 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/984164931
2defrag: @jbminn Paul Pedrazzi will be at defrag.10/31/2008 06:19:59 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/984166395
3defrag: @jbminn Paul P. runs http://theappslab.com/ at orcl.10/31/2008 06:23:08 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/984170855
4defrag: thinking i'll follow facebook's lead and head to dubai to raise several hundred million for defrag ;-) or maybe vegas, hard to say...10/31/2008 06:26:42 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/984176359
5defrag: in case you can't tell, i've completed my details for the day. need to chat w/ me? you have a 30minute window.10/31/2008 06:27:45 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/984177866
6defrag: good "tradeshow" advice: http://tinyurl.com/3ho7qc10/31/2008 06:53:45 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/984215146
7defrag: jack bauer's pimping BofA on cnbc again. still waiting to hear, "DAMMIT!"10/31/2008 06:58:49 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/984221748
8defrag: hotel contact: "we have TONS of boxes for you" -- yep, all defrag gear. oh yea, it is gonna be awesome. ;-)10/31/2008 07:22:52 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/984257748
9defrag: @sether @jwilker i'm with ya, saying goodbye to our english setter Norman was truly hard.10/31/2008 07:45:51 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/984288095
10defrag: i-banks of late are like casinos that keep your money when you lose, but don't pay you when you win. ie, mafia-style criminality10/31/2008 07:47:13 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/984289929
11defrag: denver weather: monday, H -65, L - 43; tues, H-60, L-39. and you'll have a defrag fleece for cold nights - so don't pack that.10/31/2008 07:52:45 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/984297253
12defrag: @jbminn all credit goes to @eventvue and their partner's Gnip. defragger's -check out the mega-feeds of goodness!10/31/2008 07:56:36 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/984302069
13defrag: up way early to leave for defrag. wondering what the hell @roebot is doing on twitter at 3:30am EST. ;-)11/01/2008 08:21:03 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/984977211
14defrag: arrived in denver. staring at a hotel room w/ 75 boxes of stuff that need to end up in the defrag bag. glamorous conf org life, right? ;-)11/01/2008 08:47:14 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/985574368
15defrag: @mark_koenig don't let my whining fool ya. i love doing what i do. goodies: book, laser pointer, pen, tshirt, fleece, water bottle, etc.11/01/2008 08:54:21 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/985581958
16defrag: and the defrag passport prizes are here. i almost opened the wii and started playing. and i LOVE mindtouch's giveaway.11/01/2008 08:54:51 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/985582467
17defrag: @danielabarbosa weather in denver is gorgeous. and the trees are mid color-change. don't forget we'll give you a fleece for cold nights.11/01/2008 10:14:37 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/985650847
18defrag: much thanks to the @eventvue guys for putting up w/ my craziness the last 3 days! make sure to use eventvue - really great stuff.11/01/2008 11:22:21 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/985708146
19defrag: @danielabarbosa tag is #defrag0811/02/2008 01:29:50 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/985821276
20defrag: less than 24hrs to defrag kick-off....and the excitement builds! BEAUTIFUL day in denver.11/02/2008 03:49:37 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/986422974
21defrag: hey, what do you guys say we have a conference today? ;-)11/03/2008 12:12:22 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/987505562
22defrag: Defrag folks: Birds of a Feather dinner signup (and creation) here - http://bof-defrag.pbwiki.com11/03/2008 12:19:37 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/987511612
23defrag: Tony Haile of Chi.mp ---- can you stop by the Defrag registration desk and see me :-) Kim11/04/2008 03:53:25 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/989527957
24defrag: Can someone from Igloo please stop by the Defrag Registration desk.11/04/2008 04:17:06 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/989572669
25defrag: attendee quote: "defrag - the sweet spot btwn what-if and how-to"11/06/2008 02:38:53 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/993332519
26defrag: attendee quote: "i'd like the vendors to be more differentiated from each other." vendors - are you listening?11/06/2008 02:42:30 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/993337694
27defrag: attendee quote: "where were the big guys (msft, ibm, jive)?" good question, it's not like they didn't hear about it from me. ;-)11/06/2008 02:47:19 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/993344585
28defrag: just had one survey that wants more "real world" and the next one that wants more "cutting edge" - hmmmmmmm.11/06/2008 02:48:51 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/993346953
29defrag: for the record: defrag next year is on a wed-thurs not a mon-tues. (survey respondent asked for that.)11/06/2008 02:51:06 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/993350561
30defrag: @lucaf uh - no. ;-) i've got a bunch of ideas - and we will have a mini-unconf in the middle of day 1. also, more "research"11/06/2008 03:07:00 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/993376637
31defrag: hey- what's the word on web2.0 summit? good, bad, indifferent?11/06/2008 03:07:26 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/993377322
32defrag: i'm waiting for sequoia to follow it's own advice and fire half of their partners ;-)11/06/2008 03:08:09 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/993378505
33defrag: favorite spkrs (via survey): bill duggan, charlene li, brian obekirch and "get satisfaction" guys.11/06/2008 03:10:56 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/993382744
34defrag: uh - "oberkirch" not "obekirch"11/06/2008 03:11:09 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/993383069
35defrag: @pkedrosky tks paul. got a "give paul a keynote talk" session request on a survey.11/06/2008 03:55:54 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/993451968
36defrag: atttendee quote: "This conference has the smartest folks I've ever been around in a conference setting."11/06/2008 05:34:06 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/993603430
37defrag: attendee quote: "defrag - fraggin' cool"11/06/2008 05:34:37 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/993604194
38defrag: so much more. tks to all of you that made defrag a blast this year! i'm off to vegas for a few days. norlin out.11/06/2008 05:35:16 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/993605192
39defrag: i'm kinda back. home anyway. digging thru email over the next 2 days. really back come wed-thurs.11/10/2008 04:44:17 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/999010090
40defrag: for those wondering, i had a 315% return on investment re: money invested at the craps table in vegas. what stock market?11/10/2008 04:51:15 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/999020699
41defrag: a HUGE sincere, heart-felt thank you to all of you sending kind words and feedback re: defrag this year. you're the reason we do this.11/10/2008 04:51:54 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/999021656
42defrag: a favorite quote from defrag: "how come all of your staff looks like bouncers?" ;-)11/10/2008 05:05:46 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/999042866
43defrag: had this great semi-conscious "envisioning" of Glue con on the plane ride home last night....ooooh baby!11/10/2008 05:07:46 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/999045928
44defrag: hey twitterverse - what was the verdict on the web2 summit? good? bad? indifferent?11/10/2008 06:00:24 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/999120546
45defrag: plan for week: defrag clean-up (lots); glue con ramp; and some serious beach time -it is GORGEOUS here.11/10/2008 06:20:27 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/999148992
46defrag: hey if you get funding from sequoia, does that mean you have to immediately layoff 10% and stop spending? ;-)11/10/2008 06:26:12 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/999157530
47defrag: personally i really liked "me.dium" better than "OneRiot" - i have really bad cognitive connotations w/ the word "riot"11/12/2008 03:18:33 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1002187472
48defrag: @sbendt how is BBY using social media to harness the power of the upcoming WoW WotLK launch. HUGE *local* opportunity.11/12/2008 03:26:28 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1002199681
49defrag: good thing about recession: GOOG folks underwater will leave to startups or new cool things.11/12/2008 03:27:10 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1002200689
50defrag: riot: "disorganized groups lashing out in a sudden and intense rash of violence, vandalism or other crime." don't like the word "riot."11/12/2008 03:31:52 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1002207787


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