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51defrag: defrag surveys say fav spkrs were @stoweboyd @charleneli @brianoberkirch @monstro and Bill Duggan.11/12/2008 04:08:15 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1002266156
52defrag: @pkedrosky did you get a hair cut? looks shorter since defrag.11/12/2008 04:28:01 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1002297604
53defrag: @pkedrosky you're running formations similar to the fins' single wing direct snap to the halfback ;-)11/12/2008 04:35:09 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1002309060
54defrag: still no brains post-defrag. went to fax important docs and ended faxing a whole pile of not-needed crap. keep me away from important stuff11/12/2008 05:33:44 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1002403082
55defrag: @sbendt just seems you have local opps for horde and alliance parties, gaming, participation via the WoW launch. attach to brand stuff.11/12/2008 06:03:09 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1002448147
56defrag: weird moment in vegas: shooting craps w/ an ex-lehman guy who "came to vegas to avoid the lynching" and didn't know when he'd go back.11/12/2008 07:32:38 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1002579986
57defrag: several defrag staff members (matt, scott, mollie) are heading out to grab WoW Lich King tonight at midnight. i'll be in bed. ;-)11/12/2008 07:47:21 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1002601422
58defrag: @pkedrosky don't change the trademark kedrosky sarcasm ;-)11/12/2008 08:45:45 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1002688247
59defrag: @pkedrosky if you're up for it, you'll be keynoting defrag next yr (in addition to the award) - several folks DEMANDED it. ;-)11/12/2008 08:46:16 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1002689097
60defrag: @epc head to vegas. 315% return on "craps capital" during my recent trip ;-) - and hey, tks for the great feedback on defrag!11/12/2008 09:05:46 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1002719306
61defrag: accomplished my "3 things" for the day (i only do 3 per day for 2 weeks after defrag). off to enjoy a cold beer and a warm sunset.11/12/2008 10:22:32 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1002833124
62defrag: anyone else think we should just shutter the public markets till after christmas holiday? give the country a lil rest.....11/13/2008 03:39:19 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1003968206
63defrag: am i the only one who thinks it's time we move past the men's haircut where you swoop your hair up into a faux-hawk, center thingy?11/13/2008 03:46:17 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1003979358
64defrag: nice post from tom - http://tinyurl.com/5svmvu11/13/2008 03:59:33 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1004001332
65defrag: alright, crush the banks, bustup the big 3 and KILL THE FAUXHAWK. priorities for the new year.11/13/2008 04:00:32 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1004003159
66defrag: if ur following Defrag - pls go follow http://twitter.com/gluecon - things are going to start heating up over there.11/13/2008 04:07:47 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1004014688
67defrag: hey defrag followers - if you're interested in Glue (what's next after the web is the platform) follow at www.twitter.com/gluecon11/14/2008 02:29:30 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1005504461
68defrag: new post - "Defragging Defrag" - http://defragcon.com/Blog/?p=29811/14/2008 04:24:21 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1005685164
69defrag: @pkedrosky @stoweboyd @brianoberkirch @charleneli @monstro - mentioned all of you in that new post (last tweet).11/14/2008 04:24:54 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1005686062
70defrag: some mornings, especially when i'm still tired from defrag, it's incredibly hard not to share opinions that no one cares about (i'm sure).11/15/2008 03:01:33 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1007049854
71defrag: GREAT post by @infoarbitrage http://tinyurl.com/5jvlw711/15/2008 03:07:56 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1007056724
72defrag: @infoarbitrage love the post. doubt it'll happen, but wish it all would come true. still workin on your t-shirt ;-)11/15/2008 03:08:30 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1007057272
73defrag: some "what ifs" on a saturday: http://defragcon.com/Blog/?p=29911/15/2008 03:39:27 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1007089773
74defrag: btw: HUGE congrats and much wished success to @kwerb11/15/2008 03:40:10 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1007090563
75defrag: if i had one wish for defrag, it would be to have the theatricality of Cirque du Soleil's KA. just need a 20mm budget ;-)11/15/2008 03:49:27 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1007100523
76defrag: rainy day on the beach. the universe WANTS me to spend all day playing Lich King. ;-)11/15/2008 04:41:30 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1007158801
77defrag: @bjorg "Gluecon attendee" ;-011/17/2008 03:32:21 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1009710907
78defrag: picture perfect winter beach day. sunny. high of 67. sounds of small children playing in the gulf (yea, they're NUTS).11/17/2008 03:33:40 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1009712902
79defrag: @vanderwal see Timebridge11/18/2008 03:02:46 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1011319572
80defrag: @pkedrosky change of pace: put fox biz news on today (not cnbc). feels like a whole diff mkt (very cheerleadery).11/18/2008 08:53:17 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1011743533
81defrag: @jeffnolan you've got it backwards. you buy the hummer at $140 oil, you sell it at $40 oil ;-)11/18/2008 09:03:47 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1011759244
82defrag: been in the house for 2 days solid (lich king baby! up to lvl 73) contemplating heading out for a happy hour beer....11/18/2008 09:11:31 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1011770987
83defrag: @jeffnolan did i mention i used to be a stockbroker? ;-)11/18/2008 09:15:14 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1011776495
84defrag: @jeffnolan they can have my car when they pry my cold, dead fingers from the steering wheel.11/18/2008 09:15:44 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1011777349
85defrag: when you're a big 3 ceo flying to DC to beg for free money, you should always fly in your private jet, right? ;-)11/19/2008 03:34:05 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1013025148
86defrag: damn. wish i'd thought of @twitpay - i'd love to come up w/ some cool idea around twitter like @stocktwits11/19/2008 03:41:19 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1013037547
87defrag: @howardlindzon we should figure out how to legally run a sports gambling biz through twitter ;-)11/19/2008 03:42:10 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1013038925
88defrag: i'm guessing that DE-provisioning software companies (ie, erasing ex-employee accts) are doing well these days.11/19/2008 03:57:01 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1013064415
89defrag: 2 more days and we're off on a semi-working vacation for 10 days (midwest here i come).11/19/2008 04:00:16 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1013069777
90defrag: off topic: why isn't anyone in DC seriously talking about a private equity bust-up of the big 3 (that includes bankruptcy)?11/19/2008 04:01:31 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1013072045
91defrag: @danielabarbosa lots of good comments in post-defrag survey about your talk. ;-)11/19/2008 04:42:28 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1013143099
92defrag: i'm CRAVING waffles. dammit. i hate when i get food cravings - i have zero ability to stop and will now crave waffles until i get them.11/19/2008 04:43:57 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1013145473
93defrag: waffle craving satisfied - tks to the broken egg - http://www.thebrokenegg.com/restaurant.htm yummmm.11/19/2008 05:24:24 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1013215278
94defrag: @360Flex i *despise* late cancellations.11/19/2008 05:30:21 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1013224868
95defrag: btw: already working on keynoters for next year's Defrag. top o' the list - Andy Kessler.11/19/2008 05:30:50 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1013225723
96defrag: @brycebaril that's a brilliant idea - the oil companies should buy the car companies! ;-)11/19/2008 05:51:00 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1013260080
97defrag: seems to me there's gotta be a WoW+Twitter biz to be built....something that combines gaming w/ microsharing11/19/2008 05:57:55 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1013271338
98defrag: twitter idea: use the WoW API to feed "tips" for game playing into a twitter stream.11/19/2008 07:29:27 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1013418104
99defrag: @bfeld 7 HOURS?!? i hope you replaced the board ;-)11/19/2008 08:30:04 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1013512282
100defrag: busy day tomorrow. lots of errands prior to the "semi-vacation" - and cooking up some new stuff re: Glue and also @howardlindzon11/20/2008 12:24:31 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1013863256


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updated Aug 21, 2011

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