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251defrag: @roebot you rock! http://tinyurl.com/6mw88312/09/2008 08:00:26 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1047719338
252defrag: @dick @iglazer dick's announcement has to make the defrag fleece a collectible now, right?12/09/2008 08:01:09 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1047720820
253defrag: yes, i'm now publicly calling FB Connect "Passport 2.0."12/09/2008 08:07:29 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1047732031
254defrag: @dick hey do we still get to blame canada? or will you now be joining us in that effort ;-)12/09/2008 08:15:56 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1047746501
255defrag: @bucchere as far as "centralizing identity data" and fairly aggressive TOS - they're pretty much the same.12/09/2008 08:29:17 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1047769637
256defrag: tons of great stuff today - 80% having to do w/ revenue generation. have i mentioned i LOVE SELLING! ;-) WoW time.12/09/2008 09:27:31 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1047874726
257defrag: @jeffnolan r/t @drinkinggames every time the Gov of Illinois gets indicted, take a drink. NO ONE can survive that drinking pace! ;-)12/09/2008 11:25:24 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1048082283
258defrag: headline on cnbc: "Stocks Pushed Hire By Auto Bailout" -apparently they laid off all of the editors.12/10/2008 01:47:27 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1049128644
259defrag: @eventmarketer Defrag used twitter w/ great results this year. We saw both sponsorships and registration come directly from it.12/10/2008 07:08:10 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1049726869
260defrag: today's been a whirlwind. phone calls, loose ends and a clogged kitchen sink.12/10/2008 07:14:59 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1049738843
261defrag: @mark_koenig if kim weren't sick as a dog, i'd be retreating into a tall glass o' margarita later....but alas, not to be. ;-)12/10/2008 07:18:55 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1049745948
262defrag: maybe it's who i follow, but i haven't seen one tweet about yahoo layoffs (though i know they're out there).12/10/2008 08:00:09 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1049820520
263defrag: holy cow! i'm 1 email from zero inbox.12/10/2008 08:46:37 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1049904702
264defrag: @bhc3 nice post! your blog is always informative. (and i'm not just saying that cuz you liked defrag ;-)12/10/2008 08:47:49 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1049906901
265defrag: @georgereese step 1: remove anonymity. step 2: sell back anonymity.12/10/2008 08:49:24 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1049909784
266defrag: yesterday was largely about revenue generation. today was all details (yuck). tomorrow, back to revenue (yea!).12/10/2008 09:26:23 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1049976958
267defrag: currently on the beach - tstorms and 50mph gusts! youch.12/11/2008 01:48:27 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1051225492
268defrag: looks like the real @jerryrice has joined twitter (at least it would seem)12/11/2008 01:52:20 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1051231666
269defrag: woke up w/ "I was made for loving you" by Kiss playing in my head. seriously - what is my brain doing while i sleep?12/11/2008 02:00:30 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1051244547
270defrag: hey WoW players - shouldn't an e2.0 company make a "QuestHelper" for biz workflow? it hit me last night - so obvious, so right, not there.12/11/2008 02:04:54 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1051251948
271defrag: @graemethickins -17 wind chill in the TC today? i remember those days. stay warm.12/11/2008 03:05:24 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1051358065
272defrag: @reckel is quickly rocketing up my personal charts of "really helpful person" re @gluecon -- tks!12/11/2008 03:53:26 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1051451038
273defrag: @reckel btw: http://tinyurl.com/5a89a512/11/2008 03:55:17 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1051454775
274defrag: how my "sales process" always starts: okay, let's just reach out to 10 prospects (i say to myself)....12/11/2008 04:55:15 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1051573631
275defrag: there's something I find deeply satisfying about the process of "working a sales pipeline" - is that just me?12/11/2008 05:04:25 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1051590551
276defrag: anyone got a contact at Akamai? wanna talk to them re: @Gluecon...12/11/2008 05:15:30 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1051611168
277defrag: @bfeld time to start singing "sweet home alabama" and other skynard greats, huh? ;-)12/12/2008 01:50:02 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1053366731
278defrag: this is funny: http://friendda.org/12/12/2008 02:03:27 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1053388126
279defrag: woke up to a blog post talking about how great defrag is, AND a nice note in my inbox. much love on a friday! tks everyone. ;-)12/12/2008 02:30:30 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1053433091
280defrag: just spent time inviting some big wigs to keynote @gluecon - need 1 or 2 more of the right folks as we head toward Jan.12/12/2008 03:41:16 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1053565645
281defrag: my wife should've been an architect (as in buildings not software).12/12/2008 03:45:45 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1053574259
282defrag: R/T'ing @davefauth - "loving the fleece. wearing it almost every day." tks dave - wearing mine atm as well ;-)12/12/2008 04:56:44 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1053716205
283defrag: @jbminn tks! the only real question: what goodness can we come up w/ in 2009 to top the fleece? ;-)12/12/2008 05:24:46 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1053771491
284defrag: @jbminn someone suggested "pony rides" on the post-show survey - was that you?12/12/2008 05:27:04 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1053775826
285defrag: weather turns colder and the defrag fleece becomes the ultimate viral marketing tool. all part of the master plan- bwahah (evil laugh) ;-)12/12/2008 05:31:47 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1053784784
286defrag: @igrigorik congrats on the funding!12/12/2008 06:03:49 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1053846955
287defrag: idea: if GMAC goes bankrupt, everyone that had a car loan w/ them is off free and clear...? ;-)12/12/2008 06:10:13 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1053859309
288defrag: @pkedrosky still bummed i didn't make the Money:Tech agenda - oh wait, i didn't ask. nice to see some defrag names there ;-)12/12/2008 09:18:13 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1054193676
289defrag: @tradeshownews @gluecon early reg is open - http://gluecon.com/12/12/2008 09:19:14 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1054195482
290defrag: @epc glad to know that defrag fleece's have gone intl. they're now in CA, WA, OK, IL, MO, FL, CO, NY, MN, TX, LA (etc) and -- london. ;-)12/12/2008 09:20:58 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1054198384
291defrag: @jbminn add mexico to the list! goal: get a defrag fleece into space.12/12/2008 09:23:42 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1054203269
292defrag: @heidigro it's official the defrag fleece is the PR victory of 2008. what a little warmth will do...12/12/2008 09:29:25 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1054212752
293defrag: holy crap @andredurand updated his twitter. welcome andre - you should really join in. twitter truly is more than "like presence."12/13/2008 01:19:02 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1055225691
294defrag: if there was a way to have my wife make all of the food for defrag, i'd do it. last's night's dinner was spectacular.12/13/2008 01:20:21 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1055226866
295defrag: emailing w/ @albertwenger about @gluecon12/13/2008 01:46:52 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1055251483
296defrag: @GeorgeReese would like to get you involved w/ www.gluecon.com12/13/2008 02:44:58 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1055312215
297defrag: re: layoffs - just noticed that the NSA and CIA are both hiring geeks - and you'll *never* get laid off.12/13/2008 02:55:03 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1055323901
298defrag: @rjbrenn Bradford winning the heisman dooms him to NFL obscurity. best nfl heisman ever? vinny testaverde. yep. look it up.12/14/2008 03:03:10 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1056857277
299defrag: @graemethickins wind chills approaching -40 in your neck o' the woods? youch! put another log on the fire...12/15/2008 01:55:56 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1058494149
300defrag: ok, i give. i don't understand mahalo answers. at all.12/15/2008 02:05:48 UTChttp://twitter.com/defrag/statuses/1058509294


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updated Aug 21, 2011

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