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This is a filtered view based on The White House - Nominations & Appointments.

Row numberPosition TitleNameAgency WebsiteNomination DateConfirmation VoteConfirmedHoldover
1301Ambassador to the Republic of KazakhstanKrol, George AlbertDOS05/05/2014falsefalse
1302Ambassador to the State of QatarShell Smith, DanaDOS05/05/2014falsefalse
1303Ambassador to the Republic of HondurasNealon, JamesDOS05/05/2014falsefalse
1304Under Secretary for Rural DevelopmentMensah, Lisa Afua SerwahUSDA05/12/2014falsefalse
1305Under Secretary for PolicyRogoff, Peter MatthewDOT05/15/2014falsefalse
1306Deputy Secretary of TransportationMendez, Victor M.DOT05/15/2014falsefalse
1307CommissionerAdler, Robert SanfordCPSC05/15/2014falsefalse
1308Ambassador to the People's Democratic Republic of AlgeriaPolaschik, Joan AngelaDOS05/15/2014falsefalse
1309Ambassador to the Socialist Republic of VietnamOsius, Theodore G.DOS05/15/2014falsefalse
1310Assistant Secretary for Industry and AnalysisJadotte, MarcusDOC05/22/2014falsefalse
1311Deputy Secretary of CommerceAndrews, Bruce H.DOC05/22/2014falsefalse
1312Inspector GeneralWertheimer, Laura SusanFHFA05/22/2014falsefalse
1313Ambassador to the People's Republic of BangladeshBernicat, MarciaDOS05/22/2014falsefalse
1314Ambassador to the Republic of MoldovaPettit, James D.DOS05/22/2014falsefalse
1315DirectorDonovan, ShaunEOP-OMB06/02/2014falsefalse
1316Secretary of Housing and Urban DevelopmentCastro, JuliánHUD06/02/2014falsefalse
1317Ambassador to the Republic of GuatemalaRobinson, Todd D.DOS06/04/2014falsefalse
1318Ambassador to the Republic of ParaguayBassett, Leslie AnnDOS06/04/2014falsefalse
1319Ambassador to the Republic of TurkeyBass, John R.DOS06/04/2014falsefalse
1320Ambassador to TurkmenistanMustard, Allan P.DOS06/04/2014falsefalse
1321Ambassador to IrelandO'Malley, Kevin FrancisDOS06/05/2014falsefalse
1322MemberRoberson, Jessie HillDNFSB06/05/2014falsefalse
1323MemberSantos, Daniel JoelDNFSB06/05/2014falsefalse
1324JudgePugh, Cary DouglasUSTC06/09/2014falsefalse
1325Ambassador to FranceHartley, Jane DorothyDOS06/09/2014falsefalse
1326United States District Judge for the Northern District of GeorgiaRoss, Eleanor LouiseFederal Judges01/06/2014
1327Alternate Representative of the United States for Special Political Affairs in the United Nations, with the rank of AmbassadorPressman, David JasonUSUN06/16/2014falsefalse
1328Ambassador to the Republic of BotswanaMiller, Earl R.DOS06/16/2014falsefalse
1329Member, Board of DirectorsLeslie, John WebsterADVBD06/26/2014falsefalse
1330Ambassador to the Republic of Cape VerdeHeflin, Donald L.DOS06/16/2014falsefalse
1331Ambassador to the Republic of SloveniaHartley, Brent RobertDOS06/16/2014falsefalse
1332ChairmanHart, Christopher AlvinNTSB06/26/2014falsefalse
1333CommissionerColvin, Carolyn WattsSSA06/23/2014falsefalse
1334Ambassador to the Republic of RwandaBarks Ruggles, Erica JeanDOS06/16/2014falsefalse
1335United States District Judge for the District of ColumbiaMoss, Randolph D.Federal Judges04/03/2014
1336United States District Judge for the Central District of CaliforniaBirotte, Jr., AndreFederal Judges04/03/2014
1337Judge of the United States Court of Federal ClaimsFirestone, Nancy B.Federal Judges04/10/2014
1338Judge of the United States Court of Federal ClaimsGriggsby, Lydia KayFederal Judges04/10/2014
1339Judge of the United States Court of Federal ClaimsHalkowski, Thomas L.Federal Judges04/10/2014
1340United States District Judge for the Eastern District of WisconsinPepper, PamelaFederal Judges05/01/2014
1341United States Circuit Judge for the Fourth CircuitHarris, PamelaFederal Judges05/08/2014
1342United States District Judge for the Northern District of New YorkSannes, Brenda K.Federal Judges05/08/2014
1343Judge of the United States Court of Federal ClaimsBonilla, Armando OrmarFederal Judges05/21/2014
1344Judge of the United States Court of Federal ClaimsMcCarthy, Patricia M.Federal Judges05/21/2014
1345Judge of the United States Court of Federal ClaimsSomers, Jeri KayleneFederal Judges05/21/2014
1346 United States District Judge for the Eastern District of PennsylvaniaBeetlestone, WendyFederal Judges06/16/2014
1347United States District Judge for the District of ConnecticutBolden, Victor AllenFederal Judges06/16/2014
1348United States District Judge for the Eastern District of PennsylvaniaKearney, Mark A.Federal Judges06/16/2014
1349United States District Judge for the Eastern District of PennsylvaniaLeeson, Jr., Joseph F.Federal Judges06/16/2014
1350United States District Judge for the Eastern District of PennsylvaniaPappert, Gerald J.Federal Judges06/16/2014


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