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This is a filtered view based on The White House - Nominations & Appointments.

Row numberPosition TitleNameAgency WebsiteNomination DateConfirmation VoteConfirmedHoldover
401Member, Board of GovernorsBrainard, LaelFED01/13/201406/12/2014truefalse
402Rank of Ambassador during tenure of service as the United States Permanent Representative to the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural OrganizationNix Hines, Crystal LUSUN01/06/201406/12/2014truefalse
403Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller)McCord, Michael JohnDOD01/30/201406/12/2014truefalse
404ChairmanChu, R. JaneNEA02/12/201406/12/2014truefalse
405Governor, Board of GovernorsPowell, Jerome H.FED01/16/201406/12/2014truefalse
406Vice Chairman, Board of GovernorsFischer, StanleyFED01/13/201406/12/2014truefalse
407United States District Judge for the District of MassachusettsSorokin, Leo T.Federal Judges01/06/201406/10/2014true
408United States District Judge for the District of NevadaBoulware II, Richard FranklinFederal Judges01/16/201406/10/2014true
409United States District Judge for the Eastern District of VirginiaLauck, M. HannahFederal Judges01/06/201406/10/2014true
410Secretary of Health and Human ServicesBurwell, Sylvia MathewsHHS04/11/201406/05/2014truefalse
411DirectorRadelet, Carolyn HesslerPC01/06/201406/05/2014truefalse
412United States District Judge for the District of MassachusettsMastroianni, Mark G.Federal Judges01/06/201406/04/2014true
413United States District Judge for the District of ColumbiaChutkan, Tanya S.Federal Judges01/06/201406/04/2014true
414United States District Judge for the District of South CarolinaHendricks, Bruce HoweFederal Judges01/06/201406/04/2014true
415Under Secretary for International TradeSelig, StefanDOC01/06/201406/04/2014truefalse
416CommissionerMassad, Timothy GeorgeCFTC01/06/201406/03/2014truefalse
417Rank of Ambassador during tenure of service as the United States Representative to the UN Human Rights CouncilHarper, Keith MichaelDOS01/06/201406/03/2014truefalse
418CommissionerGiancarlo, J. ChristopherCFTC05/05/201406/03/2014truefalse
419CommissionerBowen, Sharon YvetteCFTC01/07/201406/03/2014truefalse
420ChairmanMassad, Timothy GeorgeCFTC01/06/201406/03/2014truefalse
421Assistant Secretary for Planning and EvaluationFrank, Richard GabrielHHS01/06/201405/22/2014truefalse
422United States Circuit Judge for the First CircuitBarron, David JeremiahFederal Judges01/06/201405/22/2014true
423Member, Board of GovernorsFischer, StanleyFED01/13/201405/21/2014truefalse
424MemberCook, Elisebeth CollinsPCLOB01/06/201405/21/2014truefalse
425United States Attorney for the District of ConnecticutDaly, Deirdre M.DOJ-USA03/13/201405/21/2014true
426United States Attorney for the Middle District of LouisianaGreen, James Walter FrazerDOJ-USA03/13/201405/21/2014true
427United States Attorney for the District of New MexicoMartinez, Damon PaulDOJ-USA01/06/201405/21/2014true
428Member, Board of DirectorsGreen, Mark AndrewMCC02/10/201405/20/2014truefalse
429Member, Board of DirectorsMcCue, Susan MarieMCC01/06/201405/20/2014truefalse
430United States Circuit Judge for the Fifth CircuitCosta, Gregg JeffreyFederal Judges01/06/201405/20/2014true
431Chief Executive OfficerHyde, DanaMCC01/06/201405/20/2014truefalse
432United States District Judge for the District of ArizonaRayes, Douglas L.Federal Judges01/06/201405/15/2014true
433United States District Judge for the District of ArizonaSoto, James AlanFederal Judges01/06/201405/15/2014true
434United States District Judge for the District of ArizonaMarquez, RosemaryFederal Judges01/06/201405/15/2014true
435Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal DivisionCaldwell, LeslieDOJ01/06/201405/15/2014truefalse
436Ambassador to the Republic of AngolaLa Lime, HelenDOS01/06/201405/15/2014truefalse
437United States District Judge for the District of ArizonaHumetewa, Diane J.Federal Judges01/06/201405/14/2014true
438Ambassador to BelizeMoreno, Carlos RobertoDOS01/06/201405/14/2014truefalse
439United States District Judge for the District of ArizonaLogan, Steven PaulFederal Judges01/06/201405/14/2014true
440Assistant Secretary and Administrator for Economic DevelopmentWilliams, Roy Kojo JawaraDOC01/06/201405/14/2014truefalse
441United States District Judge for the District of ArizonaTuchi, John JosephFederal Judges01/06/201405/14/2014true
442United States Circuit Judge for the Eleventh CircuitRosenbaum, Robin S.Federal Judges01/06/201405/12/2014true
443General CounselCroley, Steven P.DOEn01/06/201405/12/2014truefalse
444United States District Judge for the Western District of WisconsinPeterson, James D.Federal Judges01/06/201405/08/2014true
445United States District Judge for the Southern District of IllinoisRosenstengel, Nancy J.Federal Judges01/06/201405/08/2014true
446Representative of the United States to the Office of the United Nations and Other International Organizations in Geneva, with the rank of AmbassadorHamamoto, Pamela KiyomiDOS01/06/201405/08/2014truefalse
447Under SecretaryMitchell, Theodore ReedDOEd01/06/201405/08/2014truefalse
448United States District Judge for the District of MassachusettsTalwani, IndiraFederal Judges01/06/201405/08/2014true
449Chief of ProtocolSelfridge, PeterDOS01/06/201405/05/2014truefalse
450United States Circuit Judge for the Tenth CircuitMoritz, Nancy L.Federal Judges01/06/201405/05/2014true


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