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This is a filtered view based on The White House - Nominations & Appointments.

Row numberPosition TitleNameAgency WebsiteNomination DateConfirmation VoteConfirmedHoldover
401United States District Judge for the District of KansasCrabtree, Daniel D.Federal Judges01/06/201404/30/2014true
402United States District Judge for the District of MaineLevy, Jon DavidFederal Judges01/06/201404/30/2014true
403United States District Judge for the Western District of TennesseeLipman, Sheryl H.Federal Judges01/06/201404/30/2014true
404Administrator of the Wage and Hour DivisionWeil, DavidDOL01/06/201404/28/2014truefalse
405United States Circuit Judge for the Ninth CircuitFriedland, Michelle T.Federal Judges01/06/201404/28/2014true
406Assistant Secretary for Policy Development and ResearchO'Regan, Katherine M.HUD01/06/201404/28/2014truefalse
407MemberAnthony, Steven JoelRRB01/06/201404/09/2014truefalse
408First Vice President of the Board of DirectorsFelton, Wanda FayeEXIM01/06/201404/09/2014truefalse
409CommissionerMcSweeny, TerrellFTC01/06/201404/09/2014truefalse
410Representative of the United States to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, with the rank of AmbassadorYohannes, Daniel WDOS01/06/201404/09/2014truefalse
411MemberMiller, Debra LouSTB01/06/201404/09/2014truefalse
412Director, Bureau of Land ManagementKornze, Neil GregoryDOI01/06/201404/08/2014truefalse
413Under Secretary for Nuclear Security and Administrator for Nuclear Security of the National Nuclear Security AdministrationKlotz, Frank G.DOEn01/06/201404/08/2014truefalse
414Under Secretary for Science and TechnologyBrothers, Jr., Louis ReginaldDHS01/30/201404/07/2014truefalse
415Under Secretary for Intelligence and AnalysisTaylor, Francis XavierDHS02/12/201404/07/2014truefalse
416Ambassador to the United Republic of TanzaniaChildress, Mark BradleyDOS01/06/201404/07/2014truefalse
417Assistant Secretary for Employment and Training AdministrationWu, Portia Yu-JungDOL01/06/201404/02/2014truefalse
418Ambassador at Large and Coordinator of United States Government Activities to Combat HIV/AIDS GloballyBirx, Deborah LeahDOS01/09/201404/02/2014truefalse
419Assistant Secretary for Democracy, Human Rights and LaborMalinowski, Tomasz PobogDOS01/06/201404/02/2014truefalse
420Assistant Attorney General for National SecurityCarlin, John P.DOJ01/06/201404/01/2014truefalse
421Ambassador to the Republic of ColombiaWhitaker, KevinDOS01/06/201404/01/2014truefalse
422Deputy Secretary of LaborLu, Christopher Pey-ningDOL01/09/201404/01/2014truefalse
423General CounselWelsh, Kelly R.DOC01/06/201403/31/2014truefalse
424United States Circuit Judge for the Ninth CircuitOwens, John B.Federal Judges01/06/201403/31/2014true
425General CounselThomson, Kathryn BallowDOT01/06/201403/27/2014truefalse
426Ambassador to the Republic of YemenTueller, MatthewDOS01/16/201403/27/2014truefalse
427AdministratorContreras-Sweet, MariaSBA01/16/201403/27/2014truefalse
428Ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaWestphal, Joseph WilliamDOS01/06/201403/26/2014truefalse
429United States District Judge for the Western District of MissouriHarpool, M. DouglasFederal Judges01/06/201403/26/2014true
430United States District Judge for the Eastern District of PennsylvaniaMcHugh, Jr., Gerald AustinFederal Judges01/06/201403/26/2014true
431United States District Judge for the Eastern District of PennsylvaniaSmith, Edward G.Federal Judges01/06/201403/26/2014true
432United States District Judge for the District of ColumbiaCooper, Christopher ReidFederal Judges01/06/201403/26/2014true
433Assistant Secretary for Political-Military AffairsTalwar, PuneetDOS01/06/201403/13/2014truefalse
434Assistant Secretary and Director General of the United States and Foreign Commercial ServiceKumar, Arun MadhavanDOC01/06/201403/13/2014truefalse
435General CounselKrass, Caroline DianeCIA01/06/201403/13/2014truefalse
436Ambassador to the Kingdom of MoroccoBush, Dwight L.DOS01/06/201403/13/2014truefalse
437Ambassador to the Kingdom of the NetherlandsBroas, Timothy MichaelDOS01/06/201403/13/2014truefalse
438United States District Judge for the Eastern District of MichiganMichelson, Laurie J.Federal Judges01/06/201403/12/2014true
439United States District Judge for the Eastern District of MichiganParker, Linda VivienneFederal Judges01/06/201403/12/2014true
440Ambassador to CanadaHeyman, Bruce AlanDOS01/06/201403/12/2014truefalse
441United States Circuit Judge for the Tenth CircuitMcHugh, Carolyn B.Federal Judges01/06/201403/12/2014true
442United States District Judge for the Eastern District of MichiganLevy, Judith EllenFederal Judges01/06/201403/12/2014true
443United States District Judge for the Eastern District of MichiganLeitman, Matthew FrederickFederal Judges01/06/201403/12/2014true
444Deputy Secretary of the TreasuryRaskin, Sarah BloomTREAS01/06/201403/12/2014truefalse
445DirectorCordova, France A.NSF01/06/201403/12/2014truefalse
446MemberMacDougall, Heather LynnOSHRC01/06/201403/12/2014truefalse
447Ambassador to the Republic of ChileHammer, Michael A.DOS01/06/201403/06/2014truefalse
448Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International SecurityGottemoeller, Rose EileneDOS01/06/201403/06/2014truefalse
449MemberSchmidtlein, Rhonda K.USITC01/06/201403/06/2014truefalse
450Under Secretary for National Protection ProgramsSpaulding, Suzanne EleanorDHS01/06/201403/06/2014truefalse


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